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Diva offers special white candles which work through the power of positive thinking and prayer. Using the Higher Powers of the Universe and your faith and belief, Diva's specially prepared candles are well known for the stunning results which they have achieved.  

They are used for specific functions to help you achieve your goals. Some examples are to make a relationship come into your life sooner; to bring success or wealth to a business; for cleansing and protection of a person, home or business; to help achieve inner strength and peace.
  These candles will only be offered to you once you have done a reading with Diva first, and are not used for gambling purposes. 

You will receive full instructions of what to do and what to avoid with your special candles.  An incantation/prayer, specially prepared through meditation will also be given to you. This incantation must be read every time you light the candle.  The candles can last for 2/3 months.  Please note the candles are not available to all clients, they are only offered where deemed necessary, after you have done a reading with Diva. 

Diva's clients have had excellent and positive results with these specially prepared candles, resulting in many very happy clients. 

Please note  that clients must supply their full names, date of birth, business name and the fee of R560 to secure a candle with Diva.  The candles take  a few days to be prepared, according to Diva's work schedule, and the client is responsible for their collection.


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