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Diva D’Andrea


This video/photo gallery will be updated continually with new media when available. 
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These first 5 video clips were part of a national television show screened in June 2011 which show-cased some of the cases Diva has worked on and also shows how her children feel about her 'psychic gift'.

Diva Video 1

This video clip shows how Diva the Psychic discovered her powers when she was a little girl

Diva Video 2

One of the successful missing and found pet cases that Diva the Psychic has worked on.

Diva Video 3

Diva worked on the Norwood Rapist case with success. Here the case is re-enacted and culprit is arrested.

Diva Video 4

A client goes to Diva who sees her death, murder and how it is done.  A month later the daughter asks Diva to help solve her moms murder  and the culprits are now behind bars. 

Diva Video 5

Both very talented individuals Diva's children talk about what it's like to have a mom who has these rather unusual abilities and life with her. Dante her son presently at university is a guitarist, guitar teacher and music producer. Whilst Tosca her daughter is a highly talented photographer and an artist.


Diva with Tosca and Dante her two children she absolutely adores!




Above, Diva relaxing with one of her dogs, american red nose pitbull, MADDOX
Below, Diva with her daughter.
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