Diva's Favourite quote

"Don't strive to be perfect  
You never will be”  
- Salvador Dali



Diva D’Andrea, of Italian origin, has been professionally involved with parapsychology  for the past 35 years. A divorced mother of two children, she is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Her demanding career in South Africa and Internationally have ensured her extensive knowledge, experience and accuracy in the occult sciences.

diiva26Diva is intense, sensitive but a humble person, she devotes hours of time to people and never turns anyone away. Due to the nature of her work she has had to endure a lot of skeptism and attacks on her psychic ability.  She loves her work, her work is her life, she believes in who she is and what she does and has the courage to voice her views, always adding that they are her “feelings” only, yet Diva has achieved enormous success and accuracy.

In 1989, The Sunday Tribune newspaper did a massive coverage feature on Diva’s work, after having approached her to work on missing Fiona Harvey. A Pietermaritzburg police Captain described her powers as “incredibly uncanny and accurate”.  Later Diva worked with Lynette Boucher, mother of Odette, one of the five Kempton missing SA girls.  Her description of the kidnappers, down to their names and address proved correct. This caused sensation and immediately Diva became the spotlight in the Media.
On the Norwood rapist case (1992) Diva gave an accurate description, name and sketch of the rapist. She worked with both police and a victim. 
Carte Blanche (MNET TV) profiled Diva’s outstanding work and involvement in police cases in 1993.
In 1996, Diva was asked by the Zidel family to work on the murder of their father. Successfully, the culprit is behind bars.  
More recently Diva has worked successfully on a Bloemfontein case finding the remains of a missing girl, on the Leigh Mathews case, the missing Madelaine case, (approached by Sky News) and Many More… missing, murder and corruption cases ….for reasons of security Diva prefers not too disclose too much information on the police cases she works on.
In 1993, Diva’s Psychic News Magazine was launched.  This high quality magazine covered all esoteric fields, and ran for 6 years.  Unfortunately due to financial commitments Diva had to stop publishing the magazine.
She later founded and ran the “Things Alternative Fair” which proved to be a huge annual success, with over 200 exhibitors. The fair is no longer organized due to a tight work schedule.
Diva has been screened on GMSA (TV1), AGENDA (TV1) Election’94, TODAY (NNTV) and BACKCHAT (NNTV), TWO WAY TALK SHOW (SABC) and many more. Also publications like, SARIE, VODACOM, YOU, ROOI ROSE, SCOPE, TALK have featured Diva’s work.
She has also done alot of radio work (future predictions and dream analysis) with RADIO 702, SM Radio and Italian radio abroad. Diva did shows with David Blood, Dennis Smith, Alan Mathews, the Talk at Nine Show and John Berks Show. She was also featured on air with Jeremy Mansfield and John Robbie.
In her private life Diva is  crazy about her two children. Both very talented, Tosca already a popular photographer is getting stronger with her psychic ability daily and Dante a brilliant guitarist, is a music producer still at university.  Diva was also Treasurer of the PTA at her children’s high school and has been involved in community work.
She has been flown all over SA to give talks on and show her Psychic and Dream Interpretation Skills.
Today, Diva is a well-known Psychic Consultant and Mentor to many people around the world and is consulted daily from the “man in the street” to  higher corporate levels.  Some of her clients include top names in entertainment, business and politics. In between doing readings for clients Diva helps with police cases. 
Diva loves meeting new people all the time, spreading love and light to all those she comes in contact with. She enjoys a good sense of humor, loves reading and retreating to the South African bushveld.
In 2009 Diva was live on air at RADIO MIDRAND 93.8 FM (Gauteng, SA) answering callers’ queries. 
Recently in March 2010, Diva found her local vet’s missing pet, Sarah, who is like a child to him. The joy of seeing them reunited after 3 days apart is hard to describe. 
On FACEBOOK she hosts the exciting group Psychic Detectives. Her profile name is spelt Diiva Dandrea
 “PSYCHIC DETECTIVES” has caused quite a stir internationally, with cases like missing Donovan van Lill, where her reports on the case were taken by the Wiltshire police, UK. 
Recently Diva's work was showcased on “Tales from the Edge” . It was screened on SABC3 in July 2011.
Diva has been offered her own TV show which is still under negotiation between producers and TV channels.
DIVA the PSYCHIC  call South Africa (+27)793502432
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